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Frog Facts - Facts About Frogs

Anyone planning to bring a frog into their home as a pet should become aware of some frog facts that will help them to become better frog owners.

There are many different types of frogs.  Identifying the type of frog you have will make you better able to provide an appropriate habitat for the frog. 

One of the frog facts that many people are unaware of is that some frogs, such as aquatic frogs, prefer to stay in the water most of the time, resurfacing only to take a few breaths. 

Other frogs will swim some of the time, but will also enjoy basking under an artificial “sun” lamp, warming their bodies on a rock.

Feeding Habits

Feeding habits are one of the most important frog facts that an owner should know.  Most frogs will eat insects and spiders, although larger frogs have been known to ingest small mice.  Allowing your frog to catch live flies and crickets will be great for the small frog’s diet. This also makes it seem as though it is in its natural surroundings by catching its own dinner.

Keeping A Frog As A Pet

Facts show that frogs live a long life in captivity, from 4 to 15 years.  This means that, if taken care of properly, your pet frog will be around for a long time.  You will need to be prepared to care for it or to provide alternative care while you are on vacation. 

If you purchase a frog from a pet store, the store owner should be able to share the frog facts with you that you will need to know.  You will be able to purchase the appropriate aquarium that will be ideal for the type of frog you have, as well as plants and perhaps food supplies.

A Few More Fun Frog Facts

• Frogs don’t drink; they absorb water through their skin.   

• The smallest known frog is about ½ inch long, and the largest known frog is about a foot long.

• There are over 4,000 frog species in the world, with only 88 of them in the United States

• Most frogs can change their color to some extent to match its surroundings

• Frogs are considered to be good luck in Japan

• Frogs and humans share many of the same type of body systems, such as organs, skeletal, respiratory and sensory.

A frog can be the ideal pet for many people.  It will actually need very little care, and can provide a great deal of passive enjoyment.  Of all of the frog facts you will learn, one of the best will be how relaxing owning one can be.




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